Next PTA meeting

16th January 7.00pm

Once a month the PTA, of which every parent is a member, meet usually on the first Tuesday of every month; see confirmed dates below.

The meetings only lasts an hour - usually with a glass of wine or two, they are informative, a good way to meet other parents and an opportunity to have any questions you may have answered by the Headteacher who joins us. 

No need to feel disconnected when your daughter starts secondary school this is where you can find out how the school works, what your daughter is doing in school and become part of the LMS community.

We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you there. 

Joint Secretaries:    Deborah Stalley email      AND    Lucy Wynn-Jones  email


LIST of Monthly Topics -

  • 16th January 7.00pm - Topic:   Engaging the whole school community


1) Approval of informal minutes 12.12.2017.   ( DS/LW )

2) Treasurers Report  ( WD )

3 )Headteacher's Report. ( ES )

4) Teacher's Bids.(  PLT/WD )

5) Engaging the School Community: Year Ahead. ( PLT/MS )

6) AOB

  • 6th February 7.00pm - Topic:    How parents can help their daughters thrive at school

  • 6th March 7.00pm - Topic:        Teachers’ bids for PTA funding

  • 17th April 7.00pm - Topic:         Centenary garden update and celebration

  • 1st May 7.00pm - Topic:             Upcoming Summer Garden Party

  • 5th June 7.00pm - Topic:           School budgets - why every penny counts

  • 11th July 7.00pm - Topic:           Celebrating the Centenary year!