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Tuesday 13th June

Tues 13 June  - Funding and Finance - Where does the money go?

Tues 4July - Celebrating the year - Enjoying the Summer!

Mary Ballard - PTA Secretary - email


Dear Parents and Carers, 

Not sure how school budgets work?  Then this month's PTA meeting on Tuesday 13th June at 7 pm is an opportunity for you to find out as the focus will be on school finance.

1) School Budget: Where does the money come from?  How is it limited? What is the government's Funding Formula?  What is it             spent on?  Do Heads of Department/ teachers manage their own budgets? 

2) The role of the Rose Fund. What is the fund used for? 

3) The role of the PTA.  Why do we fund raise?  How do we support school.  Why is it more important than ever? What are other sources of funding? What are funds used for? 

Your PTA will host this meeting for an hour with refreshments provided in the Olivier Centre (located across the playground).  Alex Parker (Bursar), Arabella MacIntyre (Parent Governor/Finance) and the Headteacher, Ms Stevenson, will be there to answer any questions you may have.

As usual, we will also cover the standard Agenda items:

  • Welcome from Chair (Philip Thomas)

  • Minutes Approval (Mary Ballard) 

  • Treasurer's Report (Will Downs)

  • Headteacher's Report (Ms Stevenson)

  • Centenary Celebrations/Birthday Party (Elisabeth Stevenson/Melinda Shelbourne)

  • Summer Garden Party (Melinda Shelbourne / Antonia Wainman)

  • Fundraising progress (Alec Rattray)

  • AOB

I look forward to seeing you there.  Remember:  the "P" in PTA is YOU!

Kind regards 


Mary Ballard 

PTA Secretary 








Dear Parent/Carer  

The meeting only lasts an hour - it's informative, a good way to meet other parents and an opportunity to have any questions you may have answered by the Headteacher. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Best wishes

Philip L Thomas - PTA Chair/Parent Governor



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