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Booking flights and holidays, ordering your weekly food shop, buying something from Amazon, John Lewis and other retailers then you can earn a free donation for the LMS PTA.  All PTA funds go back to school and benefit every pupil.  Easy to do and it doesn't cost you anything! Take a look at the details here.




PTA Meeting minutes Sept 2017 Click

PTA Meeting minutes April 2017 Click  

PTA Meeting minutes Mar 2017  Click  Plus Treasurers report

PTA Meeting minutes Feb 2017 Click  

PTA Meeting minutes Dec 2016 Click

PTA Meeting minutes Nov 2016 Click

PTA Meeting Minutes Oct 2016  Click

PTA Meeting Minutes Sept 2016  Click 

PTA Meeting Minutes June 2016  Click


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Next Meeting

PTA AGM  Tuesday 1st November 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Please email: Antony Wroe